We understand that getting to and from our training sessions can be a challenge, especially for students who may not have access to reliable transportation. That’s why we offer a  pickup service for our students to help make their journey to our training sessions as easy and stress-free as possible.


30 / Once / Per Guest


At our training sessions, we pride ourselves on not only providing high-quality instruction, but also ensuring our attendees have an enjoyable and nourishing experience throughout the day. That’s why we offer a delicious lunch as part of our training package.


20 / Per Day / Per Guest


We understand that starting the day off on the right foot is important, especially when attending a training session. That’s why we provide a complimentary breakfast to our customers before their training begins.


12 / Per Day / Per Guest


attendees are coming from out of town. To make the experience as seamless and convenient as possible, we offer hotel accommodations at a nearby location. Our partner hotel provides comfortable and modern rooms with all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay, including complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and a fitness center. The hotel is conveniently located just a short distance from our training location, making it easy for attendees to arrive on time and prepared for the day’s sessions.


120 / Per Day / Per Guest

Printed materials

While much of today’s training is conducted online, some students may benefit from printed materials like manuals, workbooks, or study guides. Offering these materials can provide students with a valuable reference that they can refer to long after the training has ended.


50 / Once / Per Guest

Follow-up support

Learning doesn’t end when the training session is over.

You get 3 call or mails as follow-up support after the workshop




Reinforce learning: Hands-on labs provide students with the opportunity to apply the concepts they learned during the training in a practical and hands-on way. This helps reinforce their understanding of the material and ensures that they are able to retain what they learned.


100 / Per Day / Per Guest